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Judges are left in tears on 'So You Think You Can Dance'

It’s time for the top 20 to dance, knowing that not two, but four people are going home soon. Well, that’s either going to give us amazing performances or we’re going to see a thin veneer of panic over every dance of the evening. Let’s hope for the former.

The judges are Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and… Debbie Reynolds? Awesome! If you’ve ever seen “Singin’ in the Rain,” you know the woman isn’t just Princess Leia’s mom, she knows dance. Oh yay, we get to see a clip! I think she’ll have good comments, right?

So, it’s that “your partner reveals something embarrassing about you” theme for the evening. This is usually not a good thing. Ricky reveals Ryan’s leg hair grows really fast. Yes, this is the not-good thing. Ryan reveals that Ricky’s real name is Roderick. They’ll be dancing a sexy jazz routine by Mandy Moore. They have to find their sexual attraction for one another. Because they have none.  

The moves are hot but the performance is, well, not as hot. Ryan’s playing to the audience instead of connecting with Ricky. He seems excited and enthusiastic but not about her. The dance itself? Amazing. But the connection isn’t there.  

Nigel thinks it was sensational. He thought it was raunchy. He could feel the sexual tension. Really? Mary was addicted to the two of them. Debbie loved it. Okay, maybe I’m expecting too much from Debbie.

Caitlynn’s feet turn blue because of her boots. Mitchell wears a zebra print Snuggie. You know, some of these reveals are cute and some of them are just guranteed vote killers. Anyway, they’ll be dancing to a Stacey Tookey contemporary.  

This is just beautiful. Amazing. Here’s the connection the previous routine was lacking. Mitchell accidentally punched Caitlynn, but it fit the piece. And can I say, loved what Tookey did with depth of field. I’m glad we finally got to see Mitchell dance, because he does not deserve to go home.

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For the highlight of the night, watch this clip of the performance that left Debbie and Mary wiping away tears:

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