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Jude Law gets serious in 'Funny Face Off' with Jimmy Fallon

Jude Law may be best known for his work in big-screen dramas and rom-coms, but the actor is just as serious about getting silly on the small screen — a point he proved on "The Tonight Show" Tuesday.

When challenged to a round of "Funny Face Off" with host Jimmy Fallon, Law didn't pull any punches, but he pulled out plenty of hilarious expressions.

Prior to the matchup, Fallon asked his viewers to send in videos of their children doing their very best funny faces. The parents and kids came through with some real winners for the guys to mimic.  

As for the real winner between Law vs. Fallon, officially that went undeclared at the end of the bit. Unofficially? With all due props to the always-funny Fallon, it was Law by a landslide!


See more from Law in his latest film, "The Grand Budapest Hotel," which is currently playing in select theaters nationwide.

"The Tonight Show" airs weeknights at 11:35 on NBC.