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Joss Stone Targeted in Alleged Murder Plot

Two men are being held behind bars in England after allegedly plotting the murder of Joss Stone.
/ Source: E!online

Two men are being held behind bars in England after allegedly plotting the murder of Joss Stone.

Authorities say they learned that the British soul singer and royal wedding guest was being targeted after catching the men outside her country home in Devon armed with swords, rope and a body bag.

"I'd like to thank everyone for their concern, but I'm absolutely fine and getting on with life as normal while the police continue with their enquiries," Stone said.

So what have the cops dicsovered so far?

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So far, police are not ID'ing the two men, whose ages were 30 and 33. But authorities say the pair had the weapons inside their car along with blueprints mapping out Stone's home and aerial views of the property.

Neighbors tipped off police after seeing the two men driving slowly and suspiciously around the village's roads in a red Fiat Punto. Cops originally arrested them for possession of offensive weapons, but after questioning them further the charges were upgraded to conspiracy to rob and murder the singer.

As for why she was the target of such a horrific plot, the singer has landed on the list of the top five biggest earning female U.K. singers and money may have been a motive.

"The two men in custody had in their possession information relating to an individual in the Cullompton area and items which lead us to suspect that they may have intended to commit a criminal offense," Detective Inspector Steve Parker said.

"Police enquiries continue and the men remain in custody. We're unable to say anymore at this time, but I would like to thank the local residents for reporting the suspicious car. Our officers are currently carrying out reassurance patrols and it's important to stress that no properties have been burgled and no individuals have been harmed."

It was not immediately clear whether Stone, who lives at the farmhouse in Devon when not traveling or touring, was inside at the time, although a spokesman for the singer told the Telegraph Stone was aware the men were arrested and has been in contact with the police.

As of this morning, police were stationed outside the home. Both suspects remain in custody in Exeter while the investigation continues.

UPDATE: The men have been formally charged with suspicion of conspiracy to rob and murder.

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