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Josh Lucas' sitter is late, so he brings baby to work

Josh Lucas stopped by TODAY - with his baby in tow.

Every working parent can relate to the dilemma: The morning of an important meeting, the sitter is late, leaving you in the lurch. What do you do? 

Josh Lucas problem-solved by bringing his baby with him. To TODAY, that is, where he and co-star Kate Bosworth were set to talk to Kathie Lee and Hoda about their new film, "Big Sur." 

Luckily, Studio 1A is a baby-friendly set, and extra luckily, TODAY viewers love an adorable tot. 

"My babysitter did not show up this morning, so I was racing to be here on time," he said. 

Josh Lucas' son Noah.

Josh and his wife, Jessica, welcomed Noah in June 2012

"My wife and I fell in love during the making of this movie," he said, "and there's our son."

Larry Busacca / Today
Josh Lucas and his wife, Jessica Ciencin Henriquez, in June, 2012.