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Jon Stewart's Heart, er, Hand Bleeds for Anthony Weiner

Rarely do we see Jon Stewart sweat. Rarer still do we see him bleed.
/ Source: E!online

Rarely do we see Jon Stewart sweat. Rarer still do we see him bleed.

But the Daily Show host is committed to his craft and today, while he taped a sketch mocking U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner's mea culpa press conference, his hand paid the price.

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"Oh, that's not good," Stewart deadpanned, looking at his hand after breaking a cocktail glass in an attempt to drink a frozen margarita behind the podium--a play on a resigned Weiner repeatedly sipping from a water bottle while admitting to tweeting a lewd pic to one of his female Twitter followers.

But Stewart, in apologizing for devoting only three minutes to Weiner on The Daily Show last night, powered on through. He ultimately claimed that he would be stepping down and turning the show over to someone "whose accent makes you believe you can trust him," John Oliver.

Weiner has been a guest on The Daily Show and he and Stewart briefly roomed together as young men. While the professional politico mocker acknowledged the accusations against Weiner and made many a penis joke last week, he only had time to do so much Weiner material last night because the congressman's apology occurred so close to showtime.

"From now on, there will be no p--sying out," Oliver promised the audience.

After the bit, a rare bit of sketch comedy involving Stewart on the show, the taping was briefly halted so that the Emmy winner could get his bleeding hand bandaged up. He returned to the "news" desk with a bandaged wrist and a blood-stained shirt cuff.

Talk about suffering for one's art.

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