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Jon Stewart wonders why no Fox freakout about Grace's 'DWTS' slip

Jon Stewart and "The Daily Show" never miss a chance to take a swipe at Fox News. But just how they were going to do it in connection with Nancy Grace's apparent northern exposure on "Dancing With the Stars" on Monday remained to be seen ... until last night.

Stewart re-hashed the controversy many news outlets buzzed about when Chaz Bono was announced as one of the "Dancing" contestants, joking that he would have to decide now whether the show was appropriate for his kids: "I had a choice as a parent: Miss the only show that makes me feel young or spend a month preparing my children for the confusion of seeing a man named Chaz dance on a show."

But having overcome that, he said, "I felt there's nothing on 'Dancing With the Stars' that can faze me now; then I turn it on and they see this."

Following a clip of Grace dancing and showing more skin than expected, Stewart thought the news media -- and Fox especially -- would respond with outrage. Instead, he showed clips of the hosts of "Fox and Friends" shrugging and smiling about Grace's wardrobe malfunction, and sliding easily into making it an opportunity to jab at Bono -- who is suffering from a knee injury and has dropped to last place on the show -- again.

Stewart seemed to feel that was pretty much par for the course for the "Fox and Friends" folks. The windup complete, he threw his pitch straight into the strike zone: "Guy hurt his knee and you're still trying to take his lunch money. You had your shot, guys. For one shining moment you weren't the biggest boobs on television."

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