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Jon Stewart slams himself before Fox News gets the chance

It was yet another round of Jon Stewart vs. Fox News on “The Daily Show” Tuesday night. In this latest installment of the ongoing TV feud, Stewart chose to slam himself before his rival had the chance.

“For the past — I’m going to say 12, 13 years — Fox News and I have been having a fun, lighthearted and I think extremely productive conversation about which one of us is the bigger a—hole,” Stewart began in his latest segment of “Oh, For Fox Sake.” “They, perhaps not surprisingly, think it is me, whereas I’ve taken a different approach and tend to lean towards the idea that it is perhaps them.”

To prove his point, Stewart highlighted what he sees as Fox News’ “closing arguments” — otherwise known as a heavy rotation of Stewart-related news items over the last four days. Much of the coverage has focused on Stewart’s recent impression of presidential hopeful Herman Cain, which some Fox anchors and hosts, and Cain himself, have questioned as possibly racist.

“The Daily Show” host decided to fight back by beating Fox News to the punch about his other “offensive brogues.”

“Well if my ridicule of silly things using bizarre caricature voices has given Fox what appears to be several days of very strong programming, your cup is about to runneth over, mother------,” he said. “Grab a knife and fork, Fox, ‘cause I have turned my crack research team on myself.”

Stewart then cut to a lengthy collection of his "most offensive" impressions.

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