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Jon Stewart to Fox's Chris Wallace: 'You're insane'

Whenever Jon Stewart heads over to Fox, it's party time.

Party politics, that is.

And in his interview on "Fox News Sunday" with Chris Wallace, "The Daily Show" host did not disappoint.

The two men went toe-to-toe, with the discussions occasionally getting heated; Stewart called Wallace "insane" when he insisted that a "Daily Show" bit about Sarah Palin's bus tour was political commentary.

Wallace suggested that Stewart expected to get into the political arena down the road. "Honestly, I think you want to be a political player," but Stewart said he was "dead wrong" about that.

Stewart drops by Fox News shows like "The O'Reilly Factor" from time to time to spar with the network he spurns regularly on his show. (Of course, he has pointed comments for all the news networks, though Fox gets the brunt of it.)

In Sunday's chat, Wallace and Stewart discussed media bias. Noted Wallace, "I don't think our viewers are the least bit disappointed with us. I think our viewers think, finally, they're getting somebody who tells the other side of the story."

"Who are the most consistently misinformed media viewers?" Stewart asked. "The most consistently misinformed? Fox, Fox viewers, consistently, every poll."

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