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Jon Stewart calls out Chris Wallace, calls Fox News 'crybabies'

It seems the back-and-forth between “The Daily Show’s” Jon Stewart and Chris Wallace of “Fox News Sunday” is far from over.

The show-spanning commentary began just over a week ago, when Stewart appeared on Wallace’s program for a highly anticipated interview. The at-times heated exchange led both hosts to carry on the debate on their respective shows.

On Sunday, Wallace revisited his claim that Fox News tells “the other side of the story.” Looking back, he wished he had said “the whole story.”

On Monday night, Stewart responded to Wallace's would-be edit.

“That’s your ‘setting the record straight’? ‘I accidently told the truth and now I wish I could take it back’?’” Stewart exclaimed.

“The Daily Show” host then described what he considered Fox News’ tendency to claim that “their side” is being persecuted and even used some of Wallace’s own words against the network.

“You know what this whole victim thing makes Fox?” Stewart asked. “Well, perhaps this term a friend of mine used once to describe our current presidential administration is most apt.”

Stewart then cut to a clip of Wallace, wherein the newsman said, “They are the biggest bunch of crybabies I have dealt with in my 30 years in Washington.”

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