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Jon Hamm gets emotional on 'Sesame Street'

Don Draper isn't exactly an open book when it comes to his feelings on "Mad Men," but Jon Hamm, the actor behind the mysterious ad man, is only too happy to share his knowledge of emotions on "Sesame Street."

In a video released Tuesday by the children's program, the star is eager to explain some feelings that Murray is confused by. 

"I heard about all these new emotions, but I don't know what they are!" the fluffy red Muppet laments. For example, guilt.

"Well, it means you feel sad because you did something that you shouldn't have done. ... It's not a very good feeling," the actor explains before showing the Muppet how "guilty" looks. (It's certainly a feeling Hamm is familiar with. After all, Don's bad behavior on the AMC drama gives him plenty of practice with this particular emotion.)

A very lively Hamm also clarifies "frustrated" and "amazed" for his red pal. But emotions aren't all the actor shows off. In an earlier clip released by "Sesame Street," Hamm gets quizzed about the letter O by Murray.

"I'm pretty good at the alphabet," he admits. "I know all of my letters. All of them." He even shows off his extensive knowledge by giving Murray four words that start with the letter O instead of the mere three the puppet asked for. (OK, then, show-off!)

"Mad Men" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on AMC. Check PBSKids.org for "Sesame Street's" local air times.

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