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Jon Gosselin’s ex-girlfriend may sue him

Reality TV dad could have another court date in his future, but for once he doesn’t have to face off with his estranged wife or the cable network that made him famous.
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Reality TV dad and tabloid staple Jon Gosselin could have another court date in his future, but for once he doesn’t have to face off with his estranged wife or the cable network that made him famous. No, Gosselin’s next courtroom rival is set to be none other than ex-gal pal and alleged former employee Kate Major.

It’s the newly revealed employee part that has Major, whose whirlwind relationship with the father of eight ended shortly after it began last summer, so mad.

According to a document posted to Radar Online, Gosselin entered into a handwritten contract with the former Star magazine reporter wherein he hired her as his personal assistant. The problem is that Major now seems uncertain if the “Jon & Kate Plus 8” star honored the terms, such as they were, and may sue.

“I, Jon Gosselin, will employ Kate Major as a personal assistant handling some but not all future accounts,” Gosselin is said to have written. “She will be a sub-contractor. She will receive a percentage of accounts for payment based upon involvement.”

Now the riddle is whether or not the agreement is legally binding.

“Kate (Major) called me and has retained my services regarding a possible breach of contract between herself and Jon Gosselin,” attorney Ben Pietra revealed to Radar Online. “We are keeping our legal options open, but if a breach of contract has occurred, we will be moving forward with a lawsuit.”

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