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Jon Gosselin’s ex calls ‘Bombshell’ McGee trash

Apparently, no one warned Hailey Glassman that Jesse James’ alleged mistress would referee her boxing match, and Gosselin’s ex is irate.
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An unexpected addition to the upcoming celebrity boxing match between Hailey Glassman and adult-film star Gina Lynn has left Jon Gosselin’s former girlfriend irate. Apparently, no one warned Glassman that Jesse James’ alleged mistress Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, would referee the action.

“If I had known that garbage like Michelle Bombshell was going to be involved I never would have agreed to do it,” Glassman revealed in an interview with Radar Online.

Despite that agreement, Glassman still might back out of the big bout. It depends on whether or not the tattooed ref conceals certain potentially offensive images inked on her body.

“She better have everything covered up on the day of the match because if she comes near me with that stuff showing, I’ll make a scene and walk out,” Glassman said of McGee’s rumored swastika body art. “I don’t care if I get sued. I will NOT be associated with anti-Semitism. I want out of this event. I don’t want to do it anymore, but I’m contractually obligated.”

McGee’s tattooed views aren’t the only reason Glassman dreads sharing the stage with her. Gosselin’s ex seemed equally distressed by the fact that she’s been lumped in with the alleged mistress of the moment.

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“I didn’t cheat with Jon Gosselin,” Glassman insisted. “My parents were kind enough to take him into their home where I was also living when he separated from Kate. These women (like McGee) are mistresses. And the media is giving this trash attention!”

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