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Jon Gosselin explains why he didn't spend July 4th with his son Collin

The former reality star explained the absence of his son Collin, who is one of the two sextuplets he has with his ex-wife Kate who live with him.
/ Source: TODAY

Jon Gosselin enjoyed the Fourth of July with his family, but they were short one member.

The former reality star shared a photo on Instagram with his daughter, Hannah, and girlfriend, Colleen Conrad, from their holiday together in Atlantic City, New Jersey, while adding that his son, Collin, was not in attendance.

"Happy Fourth of July 🇺🇸 to every one!!!" he wrote. "Sorry for the late post!!! Collin had other plans with his friends this weekend, that’s why he is not in the picture (shame I have to explain all that, but I just did)!!!!"

Conrad shared some photos of her own on Instagram, noting that she was "missing Collin because he dissed us for his friends."

Collin and Hannah are two of the 16-year-old sextuplets that Gosselin has with ex-wife Kate Gosselin, who starred with him and their two older children on the TLC reality show "Jon & Kate Plus 8."

The other four sextuplets, Aaden, Alexis, Leah and Joel, live with their mother. The couple's 19-year-old twins also live with Kate and are now in college.

The sextuplets celebrated their 16th birthday in May, with both parents sending out birthday wishes on Instagram.

The couple divorced 11 years ago, after a decade of marriage and public disagreements about allowing their children to remain reality TV stars.

Gosselin spoke with Entertainment Tonight in May about the split family. A year earlier, he accused Kate of abuse, which she called "delusional ramblings."

"I wish that all my kids would just be together, hang out together, go to the mall," he told ET. "Just hang out together. Kate and I don’t live that far away from each other, but I feel like there is an invisible wall. (The kids) should be able to just get together. I have no qualms about it. If they want to go meet each other, go ahead. I feel like it’s more on the other side."

Last month, Jon praised Conrad on her birthday for everything she has done for him and his children.

"Happy Birthday to my best friend, lover and companion!!!" he wrote on Instagram. "I couldn’t have made it this far with out you. I appreciate everything you have done for me and my kids!!! Love you to death!!!"

Collin Gosselin also gave Conrad a sweet shoutout on Instagram for Mother's Day before making his account private.

"Turns out today is Mother’s Day, today we pay love forward to our mothers, but I don’t think mother can describe all the things Colleen has done for me," he wrote. "Yes a mother clothes her children and cooks for them but it’s the best feeling when your mother or mother figure is one of your best friends and always has your back, the one who always shares that laugh of the humor only you guys get."