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Jon Cryer shares saga of finding his wedding ring after losing it in the rain

The actor shared how he lost his wedding ring in a rainstorm at night and worried that it might be gone for good.
/ Source: TODAY

Jon Cryer is breathing a sigh of relief.

The "Two and a Half Men" star shared a story of losing his wedding ring on a rainy night by the water at Cooper's Park in Vancouver and thinking it was gone for good. But there turned out to be a happy ending.

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Cryer, 55, who has been married to wife Lisa Joyner since 2007, wrote a Twitter thread on Sunday detailing the weekend of anxiety he faced before calling The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service, a group of metal detector specialists, to get help.

The ordeal began on Friday night when he was walking along a sea wall in Vancouver and pulled his hand out of his pocket and "heard a 'ping!'"

He immediately realized his wedding ring was gone and used the flashlight on his phone to try to find it in the rainstorm, to no avail.

"I panicked," he wrote. "I looked around trying to see if something was glinting on the pavement. But it was raining and there were only a few lamp post with working lights. So nothing."

He feared it may have bounced in the water, but kept scouring the pavement to see if he could find it.

"Getting a little choked up," he wrote. "My wife and I have been married for since 2007 and it’s hard to be away (from) each other. With quarantine in effect I can’t travel back and forth to see her while I’m shooting. Which sucks spectacularly. Losing my ring is making the pain more acute.

"I give up. I’m despondent. I figure I’ll come back at sun up. Hopefully the rain will be done."

The "Superman IV" actor returned the next morning and thought he might have found it when he saw an item glinting in the grass, but it turned out to be a pair of glasses.

He listed his ring on the lost-and-found section of Craigslist and then called The Ring Finders.

Chris Turner showed up with a metal detector to help Cryer and filmed a video of the search.

Turner was not optimistic at first.

"I told him there was approximately a 5% chance of finding his ring due to the fact it was all concrete apart from a little slice of grass that separated the bike path and the runner’s path," Turner wrote on The Ring Finders blog. "Together we walked around and eyeballed the ground around the area but I felt the chances were huge that someone had already found the ring the day before."

However, Turner soon found an item glinting in the grassy median near the pavement and then brought Cryer over to make sure it was his. Success!

Cryer added on Twitter that the ring was found about three yards away from the glasses that gave him a false alarm.

"That is beautiful, man," an appreciative Cryer says in the video. "That is absolutely beautiful."