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Jolie, Pitt nursery designer guided by psychic

Brad wanted ’60s modern, Angelina wanted classic European. So who ultimately decided the fate of the design for the soon-to-be-born Pitt, Jolie twins? A psychic.

A source familiar with the plans for the chosen twins’ nursery says that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie had a difficult time settling on a design for the room. Like many a Hollywood couple, they initially consulted with representatives of Beverly Hills' baby store Petit Tresor for a plan, but when Pitt and Jolie couldn’t come to an agreement on theme, a psychic was brought in to settle on a plan.

“It’s totally true,” says a source familiar with the meeting. “The psychic was to determine the ‘vibe’ of the twins.”

Apparently it was determined the vibe was more girly than modern.

“Brad wanted a nursery filled with furniture with ‘clean lines’ — sort if ’60s modern and lots of natural wood colors and whites," the source says. “Angelina was much more interested in creating a classic European nursery.”

The end result: Petit Tresor got to work stocking the nursery with organza bassinets with pink bows, pink Versailles-style cribs with matching changing tables and armoires, and custom-made crystal chandeliers made in France. The source reports that the total cost of the nursery is actually less than what has been reported thus far. “(The reported) $140,000 is a bit high," the source says. “It may only be about $100,000.” Bargain!

Diddy’s waiting on Windsor Palace invite

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Celebrity Sightings

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Diddy wants to meet the Queen of England, according to reports from the U.K.’s Telegraph newspaper. The rap mogul (who is not, despite reports, reverting back to his former name of Puff Daddy) thinks it’s about time he met Queen Elizabeth II, and he’s a little confounded as to why it hasn’t happened yet.

“I don’t know why I’ve never met her,” Diddy told the paper. “She’s never invited me to the palace — not yet anyway.” When a rep was approached about whether there’s any royal rendezvous in the works, there was “nothing to add.”

Too much tobacco use in ‘Incredible Hulk’?
The American Medical Association is concerned with the tobacco use in “The Incredible Hulk”, which opens June 13, and feels that films with smoking should get an R rating, which would definitely limit the reach of the comic-to-big screen film franchise (the AMA lists “Iron Man”, “Speed Racer”, “X-Men”, “Superman Returns” and “Spider Man 2” as other recent "kids" films with tobacco use).

“Advocacy groups have been trying to work with both studios and the MPAA for years in an R rating… A simple way to put this in context is that films use the ‘f-word’ more than twice are given an automatic R rating and the studios know this,” says Dianne Fenyk, president of the AMA.

A rep from Universal points out that the film is not without warning about the tobacco use. “Universal Pictures elected to prominently place a parental advisory on all advertising materials for 'The Incredible Hulk' … We respect the right of every family to make entertainment choices appropriate for them and are dedicated to helping inform parents about the content of films we market and distribute.” Also, studios aren’t required to place any sort of warning, but Universaly has done so in this case. “Universal is not required, as a studio, to include this advisory language about tobacco but we have opted to place it on all advertising for any film we market with a G, PG or PG-13 rating that contains any character smoking,” says a rep from the studio.

A year after jail, Paris and her dog find loveWhen Paris was sitting alone in her cell at the Lynwood, Calif. jail this time last year, finding love — for her dog — was likely the furthest thing from her mind. But lucky for Tinkerbell, Hilton’s Chihuahua, things have worked out OK. Tinkerbell has a crush on Eazy, Hilton’s boyfriend’s pit bull. “Things are getting pretty serious,” Benji Madden told Life & Style of the canine couple. Eazy and Tink reportedly met at a house party, if you were wondering.

Madonna divorce rumors
Nearly every month rumors about Madonna and Guy Ritchie heading toward divorce surface, and this month is no different. Talk that the Material Girl has met with Paul McCartney’s divorce lawyer is untrue, and any talk at all about Madonna and Ritchie splitting is inaccurate as well. Madonna’s longtime rep Liz Rosenberg was very clear on the matter. “Totally not true,” she says.