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Jolie-Pitt kids scarfing down junk food

While some celebrity parents insist on only the finest foods for their little ones, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie let their kids dive into whatever candy and snacks their wee ones desire.
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While some celebrity parents insist on only the finest foods for their little ones, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie let their kids dive into whatever candy and snacks their wee ones’ hearts’ desire. According to Life & Style, the Jolie-Pitt kids have turned into a pack of junk-food junkies.

“If Zahara wants ice cream for breakfast, she’ll get it,” an insider told the magazine. And Cheetos, too, if photos of Zahara and her three siblings, each munching on their own bag of yummies, is any indication.

Seems one reason for all the fast-food fixes is that Brad and Angie don’t want nannies and chefs taking care of their brood. “They like to take care of the kids on their own,” the source revealed. “But they can’t cook, so they look for food that comes out of a box and doesn’t have to be cooked — and the kids just love fried foods.”

But a friend of the famous couple has another take on the trend. “Brad and Angelina work really hard at letting their kids be normal. That means they let them do stuff we all did as kids, like eat chocolate or scarf down a bag of chips.”

Michael Lohan claims reality show was his idea Lindsay Lohan’s publicity-loving pop Michael informed the press that he’s taking his ex-wife back to court. According to the New York Daily News, Michael plans to sue Dina for snagging one of his big ideas.

The controversy revolves around Dina’s upcoming E! reality TV effort, “Living Lohan,” which is set to chronicle her role as mom-ager to Lindsay’s little sis Ali. The problem is Michael claims the show is his brainchild.

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“It's the exact same show I pitched,” he told the paper. “She even used my title.”

In other Lohan legal news, Michael’s requested his divorce case be reopened. But, lest anyone jump to any wrong conclusions, he says, “I would never get back together with (Dina). She's bent on an evil path.”

Kiefer leaves wild ways for love Don’t expect Kiefer Sutherland’s bad boy ways to land him in big trouble again. The National Enquirer reports the “24” star has put his party days behind him and is focused on his new romance.

“Jail was the best thing that ever happened to Kiefer,” a friend said of the actor’s 48-day incarceration for a DUI conviction and probation violation. “It scared him straight.”

Just over two months after his release, Kiefer found another reason to stay on the straight and narrow. The actor fell in love with Siobhan Bonnouvrier, style director for Allure magazine.

“Kiefer’s finally grown up — and part of his turnaround is due to Siobahn,” the insider shared with the Enquirer. “Siobhan is an amazing woman, and she’s transformed Kiefer in just a few short weeks. She isn’t the least bit fazed by Kiefer’s fame or by his wild past, and the relationship has blossomed.”

Though Kiefer’s pal admits “it’s a little premature to talk marriage,” the couple shares the same goals for their future. “They both are looking for a long-term, serious commitment.”

Dish on the fly Potty-mouthed comedian Chris Rock cleans up his act when his mom’s around. In her new book, “Mama Rock’s Rules,” the funnyman’s mother, Rose, explains how she raised her son to respect her no-swear policy. Apparently it worked so well he even clams up the curses if he sees her at one of his shows. “I cramped his style,” she said in an excerpt published in the New York Post. “(Later) he was never told where I would be seated.” … Kissing Jude Law is a strange experience, or so says Norah Jones, who smooched the “Alfie” star in “My Blueberry Nights.” “It was an interesting situation, and it was just plain weird,” the singer and part-time actress said in a quote posted to ContactMusic. “I had to kiss Jude about 90 times and I didn't want to laugh, but it seemed so ridiculous. What in the world am I doing kissing Jude Law? He's Jude ... and I'm ... me.”

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