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JoJo Siwa reflects on criticizing Candace Cameron Bure for 'traditional marriage' comment

The reality star says she and Bure are 'never going to get along.'

JoJo Siwa has made peace with the fact that she and Candace Cameron Bure "are never going to get along," following the Bure's comments about "traditional marriage" last year.

The former "Dance Moms" reality star spoke with Nick Viall on his "Viall Files" podcast about her decision to speak out against Bure in November after previously calling the "Fuller House" star "the rudest celebrity" she's ever met in July 2022.

In November, Siwa, who came out as a member of the LGBTQ community in 2021, responded to a press release by Bure's new network, Great American Family, detailing that the network will air Christmas movies that focus on "traditional marriage." Siwa, 20, called Bure's comments "rude" and "hurtful" to the LGBTQ community in an Instagram post.

"It wasn’t that she wants to do a movie about that, it's that she wants to do a movie about that to put down LGBTQIA, and that she was specifically going to make movies that had no representation of LGBTQIA, which is fine," Siwa told Viall.

"Not everything needs to be gay essentially, but when you’re doing it out of spite to say, ‘Too much is about LGBTQ right now, you guys suck and I want to make a movie about traditional marriage, and you’re not traditional,' that got to me a little bit."

JoJo Siwa
JoJo Siwa said she has no regrets about calling out Candace Cameron Bure last year over her comments regarding "traditional marriage." Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

Siwa's reaction to the Great American Family news came four months after she labeled Bure "the rudest celebrity" she's ever met in a TikTok video. The two had seemingly worked it out in the aftermath, until Bure's comments about the Christmas movies.

"After that, it gave me a little sense of like, 'OK, you and her are never going to agree, you and her are never going to be friends, you and her are never going to get along," Siwa said. "I’m never going to be able to change her, she’s not going to be able to change me. We can both just live life, we can both just have fun.

"I wish she was able to be a little more open, a little more accepting," Siwa continued. "I’m OK with calling her out in the way that I did. For a while I regretted it, but after I found out that article about her not wanting anything to do with LGBTQIA, that’s my people. And I’ve got to stand up for my people, and that’s messed up."

TODAY reached out to Bure's representatives for comment but has not received a response.

In July 2022, Siwa labeled Bure the "rudest celebrity" in a TikTok video, stemming from an alleged incident when Siwa was 11 and attended the "Fuller House" premiere. Siwa said she approached Bure for a photo on the red carpet and was told it wasn't a good time for her.

However, that wasn't the crux of the issue, according to Siwa.

"I walked away, went back over to my mom, and I turned around and she was taking pictures with other kids," Siwa told Viall. "And just as a little kid that just like stuck with me, you know what I mean? It was just kind of one of those things that if somebody was to ask me that question (about the rudest celebrity), that would be my answer."

Candace Cameron Bure
Candace Cameron Bure initially appeared to patch things up with JoJo Siwa in July 2022, but a new controversy began in November when she spoke about her television network.Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Siwa said Bure reached out to her after the "rudest celebrity" comment.

"Everyone started coming after her, everyone started coming after me," Siwa said. "We were both getting hit. She called me. She was like, ‘Can we make peace of this?' She was like, ‘What went on?’

"She apologized, and I was like, ‘Honestly, I appreciate that you called. If you make a post, I’ll respond to it.’ I responded to it, whatever, fine, and then after that, dust settled."

Siwa said she had some regret at the time that she she "shouldn't have posted" the TikTok video calling out Bure.

"She didn’t need that, I didn’t need that," she said. "Let’s learn the lesson for next time."

However, Bure's comments about having "traditional marriage" portrayed in her Christmas movies reignited things between them as far as Siwa was concerned.

"So that’s what I don’t like because why is LGBTQIA not allowed to be good, loving, Christian?" she said. "You can be gay and you can look up to the Lord. Why not? And so that’s where it’s like, 'Homegirl, just go make your movie.'"