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JoJo Siwa says she and girlfriend Kylie Prew broke up: 'Right person, wrong time'

The pop star opens up to Paris Hilton about her recent breakup.
Kylie Prew and JoJo Siwa
JoJo Siwa and Kylie Prew have called it quits.Leon Bennett / Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

JoJo Siwa and her girlfriend might've broken up, but there are no hard feelings involved.

The pop star, 18, spoke about the breakup for the first time publicly during the latest episode of Paris Hilton's podcast, "This Is Paris," and confirmed that she and Kylie Prew are no longer in a romantic relationship.

"We broke up, but she is literally still my best friend. I talked to her yesterday. She just got a new puppy, she's awesome. She's having the time of her life. I'm having the time of my life," she explained.

Siwa, who's currently competing in the latest season of "Dancing With the Stars," said she's relieved that she still is close friends with Prew since they started off as BFFs.

"I'm really lucky that I didn't lose her completely because even though relationships end, friendships don't have to end. And I think that's something that I even didn't know could happen and I was very thankful that it can because that's all I wanted," she said.

The 18-year-old said she's grateful to have tons of fun memories of her relationship with Prew and emphasized that they didn't end things on bad terms.

"Nothing bad happened. It just is the definition of a cheesy saying of 'Right person, wrong time,' and I hate cheesy sayings but they're true," she said. "But everything's good, I'm good."

Hilton told Siwa she's glad she's doing OK but acknowledged that it's never easy to have a relationship when you're in the public eye.

"It is so hard when you have this hectic schedule. You don't even have time for a personal life," she said.

Siwa agreed and said a hectic schedule certainly affected their relationship but also explained that she and Prew are still young and figuring things out.

"She's 17, I'm 18, and we are literally best friends. And I would take a bullet for her and I know she would do the same for me. Literally right person, wrong time," she told Hilton.

"Well, that makes me happy. At least you guys are still BFFs, so that's good," Hilton replied.

"Exactly how I'd want it to be," Siwa said. "I mean, I'm not gonna speak for her but (it's also) how she would want it to be, too."

The "Dance Moms" alum and her ex-girlfriend made their red carpet debut in September at the premiere of Siwa's film, “The J Team,” but they officially began dating earlier this year and had been friends for a while beforehand.

Siwa came out as a member of the LGBTQ community in January and told Hilton it felt "so comforting" to share her truth with the world.

"It has just been so nice to feel the love and support from all around the world from everybody. Of course, there's some people who don't like it but there's a lot of people who do like it and who do support it and who are loving, and those are the people who I want to give my time and energy and love back to," she said.

Overall the last year has been a major high for the star and she told Hilton she's feeling great.

"It's just been a ride that's nonstop and the best ride ever," she said.