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JoJo embraces her cellulite with body-positive photos: 'I'm a human being'

The singer is spreading a message of body positivity to her fans.
/ Source: TODAY

JoJo wants to let fans know that the perfect photos they see on social media and in magazines aren't always reflective of real-life.

The "Too Little Too Late" singer shared a series of photos of herself to prove that lighting and angles can make a big difference when it comes to showing or hiding cellulite. (Swipe right below to see all the pics.)

In the first photo, the 30-year-old posed in a white leotard and fishnet tights in an area with dark, moody lighting.

"Swipe to see what a difference in lighting can do. (it can *reveal* that I’m a human being with cellulite as opposed to a fembot looking sculpted to relative 'perfection' in two pairs of tights," she wrote.

The second photo shows JoJo onstage in Nashville last Saturday. The candid photo shows the singer performing in the same outfit with visible cellulite. A third photo, taken backstage with the dark lighting doesn't show any visible signs of cellulite on JoJo's body.

A fourth photo shows a front view of JoJo onstage in the outfit and black stiletto boots, where she looks just as stunning.

"tbh, today I love myself either way. yay for perspective and growth," JoJo wrote.

The singer released her new album, "Trying Not to Think About It," earlier this month, which addresses mental health with vulnerable lyrics that explore everything from anxiety to emotional insecurity.

Fans praised JoJo for being so open about body image and added that her Instagram post would likely help other people who m ay be struggling to embrace their bodies.

"You are perfection. PERFECTION!" Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger wrote.

Another fan pointed out that JoJo looks great no matter where or how she is photographed.

"She’s a baddie in ALL lighting your honor," they wrote.

Another JoJo fan sent a heartfelt message to the singer.

"This is such a game changer for us insecure girls scrolling through our feeds wanting to die because women these days just look too perfect ⁠— thank you SO much for this, and you look beyond perfect," they wrote.