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Johnny Galecki made his 'Roseanne' return — and so did this classic cast member

Tuesday night's episode marked a moment "Roseanne" fans have been waiting for since the revival run premiered.
/ Source: TODAY

Tuesday night's episode of "Roseanne" marked a moment fans have been waiting for since the revival season premiered.

Star Johnny Galecki finally returned to the hit sitcom to reprise his role as David and to reunite his character with one-time love Darlene (Sara Gilbert) — at least for a little while.

David (Johnny Galecki) and Darlene (Sara Gilbert) on the classic run of "Roseanne" in 1993. Getty Images

(Spoiler alert! If you haven't seen the latest episode of "Roseanne" yet, you might want to check it out before you read on.)

At first, when David made his way back to Lanford — and right back through Darlene's bedroom window — it seemed as if little had changed since the old days.

That is, until he opened up to his ex about his reason for being there.

While his visit was ostensibly all about celebrating the birthday of their daughter, Harris, there was much more to it. David wasn't just returning for a quick visit. He wanted to move back for good.

Oh, and he also wanted to officially divorce Darlene.

That kicked off a whirlwind of emotion for the former couple, including a little renewed intimacy, as well as revelations.

As it turns out, Darlene didn't dump David, as it originally seemed. It was the other way around. And while she suddenly seemed to want him back, he'd already moved on with another love interest.

Alas, David's return was a brief one. That's partly because Roseanne helped her daughter understand that they just weren't good for each other anymore.

But it was mainly because Galecki is one busy guy.

As a lead on CBS's "The Big Bang Theory" and a producer for the network's series "Living Biblically," Galecki was only able to commit to a single episode of ABC's "Roseanne" revival.

When the actor shot his scenes in December, he explained, "Apart from being born," the return to "Roseanne was "possibly the most surreal experience of my life." He also added a "deep thanks to my 'Big Bang Theory' family for knowing the importance of visiting one’s roots and loaning me out for a quick minute."

But he wasn't the only one who revisited those roots Tuesday night.

Actress Estelle Parsons, who plays Roseanne and Jackie's mother, Beverly, also brought her character back into the Conner household after an attempt to put her in a retirement home — which proved anything but retiring for the feisty senior.