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John Travolta and daughter Ella are 'born to hand jive' in new Super Bowl ad

He originally danced with Olivia Newton-John in the 1978 classic “Grease.”
John and Ella Travolta add a twist to the traditional father-daughter dance!
John and Ella Travolta add a twist to the traditional father-daughter dance!YouTube
/ Source: TODAY

It's been nearly 43 years since "Grease" rocked our worlds and helped make John Travolta a musical superstar.

But as his appearance in a new Super Bowl ad for Scotts Miracle-Gro proves — Travolta still knows how to shake it!

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The celebrity-filled ad features Travolta, 66, at about 27 seconds in, standing in a lush and verdant backyard. His daughter Ella, 20, is helping him figure out how to get the camera on his cellphone working so they can make a TikTok video. They then take a step back and launch into a couple of familiar dance moves ... because they're directly from 1978's "Grease!"

John Travolta with his daughter in a new Scotts Miracle-Gro ad, and Travolta in "Grease" with Olivia Newton-John. They sure do go together!YouTube

The music's a little different, because it's Surfaces' "Sunday Best," and not "Born to Hand Jive" by Sha Na Na, but fans will know exactly what they're seeing.

In the film, Travolta's Danny and Olivia Newton-John's Sandy are each other's date to the high school dance, and are totally in sync ... at least for a time.

There's no Newton-John this time around, but we love seeing Travolta and his daughter slip into the moves.

The commercial is set to air during the second quarter of Super Bowl 55 on Sunday, Feb. 7, and eagle eyes will spot other celebrities, including Martha Stewart, Leslie David Baker (of "The Office"), Peloton instructor Emma Lovewell, Carl Weathers and NASCAR's Kyle Busch.

Stay tuned until the end of the ad to catch Baker calling out to Travolta and his daughter, "Hey Travoltas! Don't be tikety-toking on my grass!"

And then there's another blink-and-you'll-miss-it shot of the pair, still dancing away.