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John Stamos tells fans he’s ‘all good’ after treatment for trigger finger

The former "Fuller House" star shared a few selfies that looked to be taken in a hospital bed.
John Stamos told fans he's "all good" after apparently undergoing a procedure to treat his "trigger finger."
John Stamos told fans he's "all good" after apparently undergoing a procedure to treat his "trigger finger."NBC

John Stamos wants fans to know he's "all good" after seeking medical attention to ease the symptoms of "trigger finger."

The former "Fuller House" star, 58, posted a selfie that looked to be taken in a hospital bed Thursday on Instagram. In the pic, the actor wears a hair covering and a face mask and appears to be dressed in a hospital gown.

He added a second photo, a close-up of one of his hands that showed a bandage over his palm.

"Damn you #Triggerfinger ! Easypeasey #AllgoodHomeHappy," Stamos wrote in his caption.

Stamos shared several additional selfies in his Instagram stories.johnstamos/Instagram

The former "ER" star included several more selfies in his Instagram stories, with one pic showing him making a wide-eyed expression as if he was surprised.

One selfie found the actor and musician looking wide-eyed with surprise.johnstamos/Instagram

Trigger finger, according to the Cleveland Clinic, is a condition in which one of your fingers or your thumb gets stuck in a bent position. People whose work or hobbies require repetitive gripping or grasping — including those who play musical instruments, like Stamos — are at most risk of developing the condition.

Stamos also included a photo of his hand that showed his bandaged palm.johnstamos/Instagram

Stamos' medical update comes one week after his "Full House" co-star Bob Saget shared a touching birthday tribute to him. Saget poured his heart out in a heartfelt post on Aug. 19, saying he was "damned lucky" to have Stamos, whom he called "my brother," in his life.

"Today is the day that my brother John Stamos was born. To say we are like brothers is an understatement. We have been through so much together for 35 years," Saget wrote on Instagram.

"High, lows — The usual you go through with your closest of people in your life. But what I have to say here, is how damned lucky I am to have John in my life. He has always been there for me. Even when I could be unbearable."

Saget's post included several photos of the longtime friends enjoying time together.

"Anyone who knows him knows what a beautiful person he is. And I’m not talkin’ about his gift of looks. I’m talking’ about the gift of his heart," Saget continued. "I’ve learned so much from John, and I am truly blessed to have this good man as my brother."

Saget concluded his post by gushing, "There is only one @johnstamos on this planet, and I am a better person because he’s in my life."