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John Stamos promises amputee a Disneyland date

Don't tell Aunt Becky! Former "Full House" star John Stamos is taking 19 year-old quadruple amputee Kaitlyn Dobrow on a date to Disneyland. 

Dobrow, who had to have both her legs and arms amputated during her battle with the deadly bacterial infection meningococcemia, has been in an Orange County, Calif., hospital since Feb. and has endured 12 surgeries, in addition to multiple skin grafts, in order to save her life. Stamos, himself an Orange County native, visited her on Tuesday.



"I'm ONLY doing this cause they asked. I said no press. But this story is a must read -- plus me and katie have a date to Disneyland," Stamos wrote next to a photo of Dobrow and her best friend Kristen Kidd on his Instagram account. 

According to the "Caring for Katie" Facebook page, Dobrow was able to sit in a wheelchair for the first time in July and toured the hospital which features a view of Disneyland and its rides.

Dobrow may be cashing in on Stamos' offer soon enough. She is currently recovering from her latest skin grafts and will be leaving for a rehab center on Aug. 16, according to the Facebook page. 

Kidd posted on her Twitter account that Stamos' visit brightened her friend's day.