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John Stamos mourns beloved friend: 'Her prayers got me through many moments'

The "Fuller House" star wrote a heartfelt tribute to his friend Paula Haynes upon her passing.
/ Source: TODAY

John Stamos is honoring the magnificent life of his longtime friend Paula Haynes, who recently passed away.

The "Fuller House" star took to Facebook on Friday to share an emotional tribute to Haynes, calling her "one of my dearest, most important and most inspiring friends."

"Sure, she was dealt a tough hand at birth — but in life, she made the very most of that hand and lived more than most of us," the 54-year-old actor wrote of Haynes, who used a motorized wheelchair Stamos bought for her.

The pals met in June 1986, Stamos revealed, and over the years, Haynes, who lived in Memphis, would fly to see him perform in Beach Boys concerts, at "Full House" tapings and even on the Broadway stage in "Cabaret."

The adorable duo had sweet nicknames for one another: "Boyfriend" and "Girlfriend."

Stamos described his dear friend as having the moral compass of "my Mother, Mother Theresa and Mother Mary all rolled up in one," and revealed she helped guide him during difficult times.

"She had a knack for knowing exactly when I needed her most, to impart her spirituality on me and keep me on the right path," he wrote.

The actor said he looked to Haynes as an example of "how a human should live their life."

"She was a giant in my eyes. Someone I could count on," he marveled. "Never letting her disabilities slow her down, get her down or get in the way of living life the way SHE wanted to live it."

"If there was ever a person who was an absolute shoe-in to get into heaven, skip the line and have the best seat in the house, it’s Paula Haynes, wrote Stamos, adding affectionately, "plus she’ll have a laminated back stage pass, I just know it."

"Good night girlfriend," Stamos wrote, addressing Haynes directly, "you made my life and so many who had the privilege to know you, better."