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John Stamos loves KLG and Hoda 'liquored up'

John Stamos is hot. Hoda told him so. Several times.

“You had her at, ‘Hello,’” Kathie Lee told the actor Friday.

Stamos returned the love, telling the ladies he's always wanted to be on their show.

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“I’m a fan, because you guys are always liquored up, which is quite funny to me,” he said.

KLG corrected him immediately.

“We’re tightly wine’d," she clarified.

Stamos said he no longer drinks on talk shows partly because the last time he did — on an Australian program in 2007 — he made international headlines for being a cad.

Stamos admitted if he were still drinking, he would probably make headlines again by whisking KLG and Hoda away on a jet to Mexico, along with shock jock Howard Stern and some girls from the New York strip club, Scores.

“We’d be in Cabo by noon,” he said.

Stamos said he'd also make room for KLG’s husband, Frank Gifford, “if he’s still ticking.”

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When that created an uproar, Stamos clarified he wasn’t being disrespectful but simply riffing on the jokes Hoda and KLG made about Gifford before going on air.

“The two of you said he’s barely ticking. Those were the words I heard,” Stamos insisted.

KLG noted she was only joking, and that she always teases her husband about his vitality.

“For someone whose relationships don’t last very long, may I suggest you try a little humor like that at home?" she suggested. "Okay, tickey-tockey?”

Stamos took the comment in stride, and gave that point to KLG: “One for the drunkey."

Oh yeah, the threesome eventually talked about the new guest-starring role Stamos has on the USA hit show, "Necessary Roughness." He’ll be on all 10 episodes of its current third season, playing the head of a sports talent agency.

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