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John Stamos and Lori Loughlin will melt your heart in 'Frozen' lip-sync

If you think Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky have a sweet relationship on "Fuller House," just wait until you see the chemistry between John Stamos and his pal Lori Loughlin off-screen.

They're so close, they "finish each other's sandwiches."

"Frozen" in time w/ @loriloughlin

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On Wednesday night, the actor shared a cute lip-sync clip on Instagram in which he and Loughlin take on a fan-favorite "Frozen" sing-along, "Love Is an Open Door" — right in front of the red "Fuller House" front door.

"Jinx! Jinx again!" they belt out with the perfect timing of a couple of friends who've seen the film more than once.

Probably more than twice.

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"'Frozen' in time w/ @loriloughlin," Stamos wrote in the caption alongside the clip.

It's enough to melt any fan's heart! And it's not the first time these two have offered up such an sweet and well-synced treat.

In honor of Stamos' 54th birthday last week, Loughlin shared another video they filmed in front of that same door two years ago.

In that throwback clip, they celebrated the 2008 movie "Step Brothers," and focused one Stamos-centric line in particular.

See more from the adorable duo when "Fuller House" returns to Netflix for Season 3 on Sept. 22.