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John Oliver steps in as 'Daily Show' host -- how did he do?

John Oliver takes over as summer guest host of "The Daily Show."

Jon Stewart is a tough act to follow, but not too tough for one "Daily Show" correspondent. On Monday night, John Oliver took over for Stewart, who's now on a summer hiatus to direct his first film -- or according to Oliver, "He's gone to a small Italian village to learn how to cobble shoes." And the good news for faithful fans of the show? There was no lack of laughs (or stinging commentary) under Oliver's watch.

"Let's all just acknowledge for a moment that this is weird," he said at the top of the show. "This looks weird; it feels weird; it even sounds weird -- it sounds weird to me, and this my actual voice."

But the Brit said that Stewart assured him it would all go well.

"No big news stories ever break out over the summer," Oliver read from a letter allegedly written by Stewart.

Of course, the no-doubt fake note was penned before the big NSA phone-snooping (and more) controversy broke.

"Jon Stewart is barely out the door, and it turns out that not only is the government tracking everyone's phone calls, but that's just the tip of the sh--berg," Oliver said in the midst of a Stewart-worthy rant.

Eventually, the news of the day took a lighter turn when Oliver welcomed his first guest.

"Seth Rogen is here," he beamed. "I look forward to explaining to him exactly who the [expletive] I am."

Oliver claimed that was only "about 30 percent a joke," but as it turned out, Rogen had no problem with the host switcheroo.

"John? John. It's nice they got a guy with the same name, so I don't have to learn a new one," Rogen joked about the smooth transition.

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