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John Oliver says goodbye to hosting 'Daily Show'

John Oliver delivered his "final silly show of the summer" Thursday night.

The summer can't last forever, and neither can summer replacements. After eight weeks at the helm of "The Daily Show," interim host John Oliver is done.

On Thursday night, Oliver delivered his "final silly show" as a stand-in for Jon Stewart, who's been ... well, not doing what Oliver has said he's been doing.

"I suppose it's only fair that I level with all of you," the Brit told the audience. "I have been lying about where Jon Stewart's been all summer, in fact I've lied to you exactly 31 times."

Those tall tales have included claims that Stewart's been busy training with the New York Giants, playing with a fusion-jazz quartet and learning to cobble shoes in a small Italian village. But the truth is Stewart took time off to direct his first film, and that absence has given viewers a chance to get to know Oliver a little better.

"This has been such a fun summer, so many memories," Oliver said on his last night behind the big desk. "Traditionally this can be a slow time for news. But this particular summer has just been one story after another."

Over the past few weeks, he's had the chance to cover the voting rights act, gay marriage, Paula Deen, immigration, the royal baby and, of course, the Anthony "Carlos Danger" Weiner scandal — who he revisited before saying farewell.

Take a look at some of Oliver's finale scenes and tell us how you think he compared to "The Daily Show's" main man, Stewart.