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John Leguizamo couldn't shower while filming 'American Ultra': 'I was ripe'

John Leguizamo's role in "American Ultra" covered him in fake tattoos, but that meant he couldn't shower for a full week.
/ Source: TODAY

Most of the stories we hear about the lengths to which actors will go for their movie roles involve weight or shaving off their hair. In John Leguizamo's case, it involved not bathing for a week.

The man who voiced Sid the sloth in the "Ice Age" movies is currently co-starring in "American Ultra," and his character is something of a lowlife who happens to be tattooed extensively on his torso, arms and shoulders. They're not real tattoos, however, and as Leguizamo revealed on TODAY Tuesday, getting them applied was a lengthy process.

"I thought, 'Put 'em all on, man! Everything in that [tattoo] bag, put it on my body!' Then I realized it was going to be four hours of standing still," he said, demonstrating what the application process was like by holding his arms out wide.

He added, "They don't even let you move ... you have to stay like that. So then I realized I couldn't shower, because I wasn't going to do that every day, four hours."

John Leguizamo in "American Ultra."TODAY

And by the end of that week of no showering, "I was ripe," he said. "Like Brie or something." He even said he stayed in a different hotel room than his family.

Fortunately, that's long over. As he assured the TODAY anchors, "I showered this morning for you guys." Phew!

"American Ultra" opens in theaters on Aug. 21.

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