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John Krasinski reunites with Pam from 'The Office' to share a kiss on 'SNL' — sort of

"SNL" cast members turned super fans of "The Office" begged Krasinski to "kiss Pam" during the episode's opening monologue.
John Krasinski
Host John Krasinski and Pete Davidson during the "SNL" opening monologue on Jan. 30, 2021.Will Heath / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

John Krasinski hosted the year's first episode of "Saturday Night Live" last night, and he gave fans of "The Office" a reunion to remember.

Krasinski, 41, has said he loves being known for playing Jim on the hit sitcom, but during his opening monologue, some super fans of the show, played by "SNL" cast members, were a little too insistent on reviving his character.

Krasinski opened the show by running on stage to tell the audience just how much it means to him to be hosting the iconic sketch comedy show that he's watched since he was a kid. But as he waxed poetic about taking the 'SNL' stage, he was interrupted by an audience member, Alex Moffat.

"So my question is you're Jim. From 'The Office,'" Moffat said eagerly.

"No, I'm actually, John," the actor answered.

"Ok, follow-up question," Moffat continued, raising his hand. "Do 'The Office.'"

"I'm not actually sure what that would even look like," Krasinski replied as the audience laughed.

"Where's Pam?" the audience member persisted.

"Pam is a fictional character," Krasinski answered.

As Krasinski tried to continue with the monologue, he was interrupted by another audience member.

"You look different," said "SNL" cast member Ego Nwodim.

Krasinski thanked her for noticing and said he was working out for another part he plays, but Nwodim wasn't having it.

"You need to stop it. Jim is soft," she said, yet again referencing his "The Office" character. "Jim sits all day. When you touch him, your hand goes in like memory foam."

"Ma'am, I'm not going to talk to you anymore," Krasinski said before being interrupted by a raised hand from Kenan Thompson.

"Kiss Pam," Thompson said. "I need you to kiss Pam. That is what I need to see today."

Coming to Krasinski's rescue, Pete Davidson took the stage to explain to the actor that people are more obsessed with "The Office" than ever after binge-watching it while stuck at home due to COVID-19.

"Jim and Pam are really real for them," Davidson explained. "I think they really need for someone to be Pam."

"Kiss Pam! Kiss Pam!" chanted Moffat, Nwodim and Thompson.

Since Jenna Fischer, who played Jim's love interest on the show, wasn't present, Davidson assumed Pam's duties, and the two actors smooched to wild applause from the "SNL" cast and the rest of the audience.

"That did feel really good," Krasinki told Davidson, chuckling. "Wow. Thank you, Pam."