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John Cena: Filming naked 'Trainwreck' scene was 'unbelievably awkward'

John Cena shares screen time with Amy Schumer in "Trainwreck," but filming at least one scene did not come easy to the wrestler.
/ Source: TODAY

As a wrestling champ, John Cena is used to striking unusual poses. But the one he struck in "Trainwreck" topped them all.

Turns out, in the new film, he's pretty much bares all in a scene with star Amy Schumer. And guess what? "It was the most uncomfortable thing I've ever been a part of," he admitted on TODAY. Not because of Schumer, but because he was being watched by so many people when he didn't have a stitch on.


That said, the scene is meant to be uncomfortable, he noted. "Those who see the movie will agree ... that scene is extremely awkward, and is designed that way," he said. "It's designed to be like the most un-intimate environment. So it was unbelievably awkward, but that's cool because it actually shows."

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So catch the surprisingly funny and surprisingly awkward Cena in "Trainwreck," which opens in theaters on July 17.

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