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Joey Fatone’s ‘Dancing’ weight loss secrets

The show has helped the former boy band member lose 20 pounds so far.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

One look at his partner’s body and Joey Fatone’s decision to drop a few pounds becomes a little clearer. Today, Access Hollywood investigates one super side effect of “Dancing With the Stars.”“Dancing is wonderful workout,” says show competitor Clyde Drexler.“I sweat through two or three T-shirts every couple of hours,” adds Ian Ziering.It seems this year’s hoofers are turning into lean, mean, dancing machines.First up on our scale? Joey Fat one?“I get Fatone, Fat One, Fatonie, Faytone, I get everything,” Joey Fatone laughs.Say goodbye to that nasty nickname. His impressive weight loss has put the tone back into Fatone. So far, 20 pounds have vanished.“I am about 219, something like that,” he admits.When Access Hollywood was invited inside his dressing room we learned he’s taking his smaller waistline as serious as a samba. “My weight used to fluctuate obviously dancing with *NSYNC,” Joey recalls. “It used to drop 10-15 pounds when we were dancing but I never was eating healthy either.”Those days for Joey are over.“I’m skinny,” he says.Joey gives some of the credit for his vanishing act to a Nutri-System program. This Italian food lovin’ family man has to now say “no” to seconds and “yes” to smaller portions.“Yeah it’s small,” Joey says after showing Access one of his meals. “I’d love to get more of it.”Country charmer Billy Ray Cyrus is getting back into tip-top shape with help from his tough, no nonsense dance coach Karina, the pounds are flying off.“I’m probably about 13 pounds lighter right now then the day that I met Karina,” Billy Ray says. “I’m trying to eat as much as I can eat right now, she just works my butt off literally.”

And then, there’s the new improved Ian Ziering.“I dropped from 197 to 185 and I am feeling a lot sexier naked now which is kind of nice,” Ziering admits. “Well, that is what losing weight is all about. You want to look good naked.”“No comment no I have not seen that,” his partner Cheryl Burke weighs in.