Joel McHale's feud with TODAY's 'Donnadorable' continues — watch the video

/ Source: TODAY

For the past couple of weeks, Joel McHale has thrown shade on TODAY's Donna Farizan — also known as Donnadorable — while safely perched from his Netflix show. But there was no hiding on Wednesday.

Following a costly six-hour Uber ride from Rochester to New York City Tuesday night, the "Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale" host, most known for the E! show "The Soup" and the NBC/Yahoo! sitcom "Community," journeyed into enemy territory by joining Kathie Lee Gifford, Sheinelle Jones and Donnadorable herself in the TODAY studio.

Standing side by side with a bottle of Lambrusco in hand, McHale and Donna were taken on a trip down memory lane. Kathie Lee and Sheinelle showed the audience some of McHale's most memorable roasts of Donna and her YouTube show, including when he excused his absence from "Donna Off-Air" in February because she was dressed like a "sassy pilgrim."


"Every time someone told me I was on his show, my heart dropped into my stomach because I didn't want to know what he was doing to make fun of me," Donna told TODAY.

McHale did not spare Donna from more sarcastic barbs when the show returned from a quick commercial break. The 46-year old actor, now sitting between Kathie Lee and Sheinelle, claimed that every guest Donna ever brought on her show was "blackmailed." But the 26-year old personality clapped back with a video of hip-hop mogul DJ Khaled chanting all she does is "Win, win, win no matter what."

Donna seems to be caught in the crossfire between McHale and the TODAY hosts' long-running feud of their own.

But it appears the feud between the Netflix and the YouTube hosts might have run its course. McHale taped an episode of "Donna Off-Air," following his appearance on TODAY. The episode will air Friday, April 27, and the teaser is planned to be released on April 19. However, who is to say that McHale will hold back on his friendly fire in his own show's upcoming episodes?

"Hopefully this feud has come to an end," said Donna. "I don't know if my stomach can take it anymore."

It is yet to be seen whether or not Donnadorable will appear as a guest on McHale's Netflix show. When asked, Donna simply said, "It's up to him."