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Joe Jonas stumbled upon a Jonas Brothers-themed spin class — so he showed up

The singer crashed a "Jonas Brothers vs. One Direction" SoulCycle class.
Jonas Brothers "Happiness Begins" Tour
Joe Jonas crashed a Jonas Brothers-themed SoulCycle class and surprised his fans.Kevin Mazur / Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

A SoulCycle class got the surprise of a lifetime over the weekend when Joe Jonas crashed the party.

The Jonas Brothers singer was in Atlanta on business and had an afternoon off, so he decided to look up some exercise classes. He soon stumbled upon a "Jonas Brothers vs. One Direction" themed class at a local SoulCycle studio and realized he simply had to make an appearance.

The only problem? The class had a waitlist.

Jonas, 31, decided to try his luck and drove over to the studio in the hopes that he could persuade them to let him into the battle of the boy bands class.

"The class is sold out, but I'm gonna see if I can walk in and say hi to some people," Jonas said in a video posted to his Instagram page.

Once he arrived at the SoulCycle studio, Jonas approached the front counter and asked a staff member who was winning the Jonas Brothers vs. One Direction class. When they told him that One Direction was a clear winner, the singer playfully expressed his disappointment.

"Dammit!" he said.

The staff asked Jonas if he wanted to go into the class, and he gladly took them up on their offer.

Once he entered the room, the SoulCycle instructor greeted him and said "Hey! What's good? What's going on here?"

Joe Jonas gave this Soul Cycle class the surprise of a lifetime.
Joe Jonas gave this Soul Cycle class the surprise of a lifetime.joejonas / Instagram

The singer then pulled his mask off and started dancing, and the instructor quickly realized who had just crashed the class.

"Holy s---!" they said as Jonas made his way through the crowded room. One class participant could even be heard saying, "Is this for real?"

Best SoulCycle class ever.
Best SoulCycle class ever.joejonas / Instagram

The instructor then introduced Jonas to everybody as he clapped his hands and rooted the class on.

"Joe Jonas, everybody!" they said. "We're real right now. This is live"

At one point, the singer even got up on a bike and started riding along with the class.

We're pretty sure it'll be hard for anyone in the class to top that experience!