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Joe Jonas opens up about Nick and Priyanka's 'amazing' wedding on TODAY

Learn more about Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra's spectacular wedding event from someone who was actually there to see it all.
/ Source: TODAY

If photos from Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra's wedding give the impression that it was a beautiful and lavish affair, then just imagine what it was like to see the multiday event unfold in person.

Joe Jonas, Nick's big brother and former bandmate, doesn't have to imagine. He, along with their oldest and youngest siblings, Kevin and Frankie, stood right by the groom's side as the 26-year-old said "I do" to his Bollywood-star bride.

And on Thursday morning, Joe stopped by TODAY and opened up on it all — from his best-man toast to the results of one incredible pre-wedding dance-off.

"It's been amazing," the 29-year-old said. "Marrying Nick off to Priyanka has just been fantastic. Obviously, this has been one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever seen and to be part of it was a dream."

One part of it in particular really felt like a dream.

"I kinda blacked out for a minute," he said of his moment to raise a glass and toast the newlyweds. "I was just overwhelmed with emotion. This is my brother, my best friend and to see him marrying his dream girl ... there was a lot of tears the whole weekend — and a lot of smiles. I had (the toast) on paper, so that was the most important part."

Also important? The sangeet, a music-filled dance celebration that playfully pitted the bride and groom's families against one another.

And if anyone thought Team Jonas had a built-in advantage at a dance-off due to their pop music past and present, well, they soon had to think again.

"You know, I wish we did," Joe continued. "The sangeet's a beautiful Indian tradition a few days before the wedding where you put on a performance, and they have the most incredible performers in her family. They have a lot of friends and family who are Bollywood stars."

So rather than an easy win, the Jonas Brothers (and the rest of their family) had to admit defeat.

"They definitely crushed us," he said.

That wedding will be a tough act to follow, but Joe's set to do just that.

In October of last year, the singer popped the question to his girlfriend, "Game of Thrones" star Sophie Turner.

"I definitely took some notes," he said of his brother's big day. "But that week was all about them, celebrating the two of them, and that was what it was about for us. Experiencing it and looking back, and you're just in awe. My time will come, but I'm thrilled for the two of them."

Joe and his intended have yet to reveal a date for their own big day, but we're already eager to see what those nuptials look like!