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Joe Burrow might not have seen your TikToks but he thanks you for them

A message from Joe Brrr.
/ Source: TODAY

People have a lot to thank Joe Burrow for.

First, there’s the football thing (consider: Super Bowl LVI appearance, Heisman Trophy winner, No. 1 NFL draft pick in 2020). The Cincinnati Bengals have a very good quarterback on their hands.

Then there’s the do-gooder thing. He’s got the Joe Burrow Foundation, which helps childhood mental illness and those experiencing food insecurity. Plus, just this week he and fellow NFL great Joe Montana (just a pair of Joe Cools) spent a day in Brooklyn with City Harvest packing meals for communities in need. It was part of their sponsorship with Guinness, which is on a quest to log 1 million community service hours with help from the public.

Then there’s the whole style thing. Have you seen his pre-game outfits? Do yourself a favor and look into them. “I just see things that I like and I wear ‘em,” he tells “That’s all there is to it.” A person who just wings it: legendary. 

And finally, there’s the TikTok thing. No, he is not on it, but a fan club has nonetheless fostered within it — and that’s where the real work comes in. It’s montage edits and mic’d-up moments and hype videos. 

So what says Joe Burrow about such TikToks?

“I’m glad I have fans,” he tells “I can’t say I frequent TikTok very much but it’s always exciting to get new fans.”

Thank you, Joe. Thank you.