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Joan and Melissa Rivers swap lives with Palin sisters in summer premiere of 'Celebrity Wife Swap'

Bristol Palin and Joan Rivers are swapping families on "Celebrity Wife Swap."

She's fox-trotted her way onto "Dancing with the Stars" (twice!) and even starred briefly on her own Lifetime reality show, but Bristol Palin still hasn't gotten her fill of reality TV.

The Palin family princess is set to star in the summer premiere episode of "Celebrity Wife Swap." Bristol, along with her 19-year-old sister, Willow (apparently Sarah was unavailable?) will swap lives with comedian Joan Rivers and her daughter, Melissa.

The Palin girls will head to the Rivers' home in Los Angeles, where, according an ABC press release, they will contend with Joan's very structured--and very on-camera--lifestyle. Bristol will have to follow the Rivers' rigid schedule and fill in for Joan as executive producer of "Fashion Police," before attempting to bring more fun to the Rivers' crazy life.

The Rivers ladies will also get a chance to experience life, Palin-style, when they head to the tiny town of Wasilla, Alaska to spend the week. There they will meet Tripp, Bristol's four-year-old son, who runs the household and is rarely disciplined. When it's time to implement rule changes, Melissa, who's mom to 12-year-old Cooper, is determined to bring structure to the Palin household, and help get the Palin girls closer to their career goals.

This episode will veer away from the typical structure of "Celebrity Wife Swap," in which two wives leave their families and spend the week living at the other woman's house and assimilating into their lifestyle. In this "double swap" episode, there are no wives (in fact, none of the stars featured are even married!) and both celebrities will have a chance to experience a different way of life.

Will the Palin girls be able to handle the Rivers' Hollywood lifestyle? Can Joan and Melissa survive the Alaska weather--and Bristol's son's reign of terror? The new season of "Celebrity Wife Swap" kicks off Sunday, June 23.