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Jionni who? Snooki and Vinny hook up on 'Shore'

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Snooki keeps her men on their toes.

Could anything top the emotional roller coaster we witnessed last week?

After seeing Snooki's boyfriend Jionni land in Florence with excitement to see his girlfriend, we watched him promptly jet when the meatball decided to flash her kooka to the club.

On top of all that, the little guidette cried and yelled more than we've seen throughout all the past seasons of "Jersey Shore" combined!

So what now?

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Snooki couldn't handle staying in bed, knowing her future baby daddy the love of her life left her. And since JWoww was still mad at how her BFF lashed out at her the night before (as she should be), she didn't help her out. Cue the furry boots.

Jenni, aka Best Friend of the Year, tracked Jionni down and persuaded him to meet Snooki at the train station. Yay! Not. He still left because his family booked him a ticket back home already! Hugs and kisses, goodbye.

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As if all that wasn't drama enough, Deena tells us she missed her period and thinks she's pregnant!

Whaaaat?! Is it from Vinny rubbing up on her naked? No. Maybe that waiter guy?

Nope, the other meatball confided in Jenni (also) and told her that she had sex with someone before going to Florence. So, to clear up the situation, the two leave the club and look for a pregnancy test.

False alarm! No baby Deenas any time soon.

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Back to Snooki and Jionni: A fight-filled phone conversation causes the girl who cried her eyes out for her man to decide she now wants a break. (Hi, Vinny!)

Of course, Mike is quick to try and swoop on that situation (pun intended) by telling her he loves her and would treat her right. And also shared a story with the rest of the house about Snooks doing something (sexual) to him. What a gent!

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The end of tonight's episode took us back to Miami with Snooki and Vinny turning their cuddle sesh into a smushfest. (Yep, he actually did it this time.) Can't wait to hear what Jionni has to say about that next week!

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