Jimmy Kimmel writes children's book for Donald Trump: 'Winners Aren't Losers'

/ Source: TODAY

Donald Trump has a long resume, but as Jimmy Kimmel noted on Wednesday night, he hasn't written a children's book.

That is, until now.

During his appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!," the Republican presidential candidate was gifted with a Dr. Seuss-style children's book titled "Winners Aren't Losers," ghostwritten for him by Kimmel.

"May I read it to you?" Kimmel asked, holding up the book.

"Of course," said Trump, who listened to lines like:

"Those losers are failures who get nothing done/Just do what I do and you'll be No. one."


"Here are some frogs I do not like at all/We must kick these frogs out/And then build a wall."


"Oh, the places you'll go/On your yacht!/On your plane!/With your suits from Milan!/And your wives from Ukraine!"

Trump took it all in stride, happily reading the last line of the book to the audience.

While it may seem out of the blue, the politically-themed children's book isn't that strange. Dr. Seuss said that his titular character in the classic "Yertle the Turtle" represented Adolf Hitler. A lesser-known book, "Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now?" was aimed at President Richard Nixon.

The children's book was hardly the focus of the night. The Republican presidential candidate talked to the late-night host about a range of topics, including presidential debates and his views on immigration.

But Trump made headlines while talking about the GOP field and admitting that he has been "divisive."

"I would like to see the Republican Party come together," he said. "And I've been a little bit divisive, in the sense that I've been hitting people pretty hard."

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