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By Randee Dawn

The war rages on! The war between Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel, that is. 

As viewers and fans may remember, what started out as a joke in which the "Jimmy Kimmel Live" host repeatedly pretended to run out of time to have the Oscar-winning Damon on his show escalated in January when Damon took Kimmel hostage for an entire episode and ran "Live" himself. 

Well, on Monday night, Kimmel took fresh aim at Damon, who has been popping up everywhere (including TODAY) to promote his new sci-fi film "Elysium." Kimmel doesn't even appear in the clip from Monday's show, but it's hilarious nonetheless. 

In the clip, Kimmel sidekick/parking lot security guard Guillermo Rodriguez interrupted an interview Damon is giving while sitting in front of a poster for "Elysium," and propped up his own movie poster for a film called "Estupido." The sign was bright yellow, with the title in big bold letters and an arrow pointed down at Damon.

"You think you're the only guy who does movies?" Guillermo asked.

"You have a movie called 'Estupido' and an arrow pointed towards me," said Damon, irritated. "I don't have time to do this stuff."

The two try to hold their junket interviews side-by-side, but that doesn't last long. Damon insists he take the poster down, at which time Guillermo turns it around; now it reads "Ass Face," with a similar arrow pointed at Damon. 

"You didn't make any movies, did you," said Damon.

"No, Mr. Matt Damon," admitted Guillermo.

Damon can't believe Jimmy Kimmel would spend money to ship the poster and his sidekick to Miami to interfere with the "Elysium" junket, but Guillermo noted, "Jimmy is very rich. He can do whatever he wants."

"And you think that's funny," said Damon.

"Yeah, I think it's funny," chuckled Guillermo.

And it was. But stick around, there's a little more rude humor to come. Check out the video!