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Jimmy Kimmel plays Fat Baby Bingo — and we cannot get over the rolls!

/ Source: TODAY

If the sight of chubby baby cheeks, roll-covered arms and squishy little legs make you swoon with delight, you'd better sit down now.

This video might just pack more cute than you can take!

On Tuesday night, Jimmy Kimmel introduced his viewers to a new bit called Fat Baby Bingo, in which a digital wall was filled with live videos of adorable babies from all across the country.

There were 12 little stars on the wall, all smiling and cooing as Kimmel's bingo hopper determined which ones would get their close-up.

Fat Baby Bingo on Jimmy KimmelJimmy Kimmel Live

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Only a few babies were picked for a spotlight moment, but make no mistake, Fat Baby Bingo had a lot of winners — for instance, everyone who watched it!

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