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Jimmy Kimmel says he burned his hair while preparing Thanksgiving dinner

This isn't the first time the late night host had an accident while cooking a holiday meal!
/ Source: TODAY

Jimmy Kimmel is sharing a lesson about Thanksgiving safety this holiday season.

The late night host revealed Thursday that he had a slight accident while trying to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. On Instagram, he showed the aftermath of the incident, which thankfully didn’t result in any serious injuries.

“happy thanksgiving everyone. try not to burn your hair and eyebrow off lighting the oven!” he wrote in the caption.

In the selfie he shared on his feed, Kimmel gave the camera a faint smile while showing off the singed hair on his arms. Though his facial hair seemed fairly intact, his eyebrows appeared to be missing more than a few hairs while the front of his hair looked crisp and burnt.

The comments were a mix of jokes and well-wishes.

“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” star Chloe Bennet joked that she could "smell this picture.”

Johnny Knoxville found humor in the situation, simply commenting, “😂😂 happy thanksgiving!”

Following a photo of the mishap, Kimmel shared a second photo on Instagram that showed off his perfectly cooked turkey and overcooked eyebrows.

“Burnt hair-smoked turkey #happythanksgiving,” he captioned the post.

The “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” host revealed to Ellen DeGeneres last November that he experienced a similar accident during a barbecue on July 4.

“I turned the gas on on the grill and then I went for a little walk to look for matches," he said on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” last year. "And then when I came back I thought, ‘Hmm, I should probably open the lid and air this thing out, maybe turn it off and start over again.’”

"And then I thought, ‘No, I’m not going to do that. What I’ll do is I'll light a piece of paper on fire, then throw it into the grill,'" Kimmel continued. "I did that, and there was a massive explosion in my face. I burned my beard off and my eyebrow off and my eyelashes off. And what other hair do I have?”

During the interview, he showed a few photos of the aftermath of the burns, which included some singed hair around his ear and sideburns as well as some of his burnt off hair on his arms.

“They say I’m lucky but it didn’t feel like a lucky stroke when it happened, that’s for sure,” he joked.

In the comments on his Thanksgiving post, Kimmel’s daughter with his ex-wife Gina Kimmel, Katie, brought up the past incident.

“Again?????” she asked, to which her dad replied, “yep. it’s now a holiday tradition.”