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Jimmy Kimmel asked young people to read an analog clock, and it didn't go so well

Um, 8:17? Actually it's 3:40.
/ Source: TODAY

For younger generations, there are two ways to tell time: the easy way, or struggling to figure out that round thing with the hands.

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel put some young people who are used to glancing at the digital clocks on their phones to the test when he asked them to read an analog clock.

The outcome? Well, let's just say that if the fate of the world ever depends on a teen reading an old-timey clock, we're probably doomed.

In Tuesday night's edition of the "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" segment called Can You Do It?, a group of teens and college students found themselves looking at an analog clock like it was an artifact from Mars while attempting to decipher the time.

"Oh, no,'' one girl immediately said with a look of pure fear. "No. I can't."

The results weren't pretty. One college student hoped her professors wouldn't see the video when it aired.

"They're going to be so disappointed that I have not read a clock like this since elementary school,'' she said.

For what it's worth, Kimmel asked a group of younger children to read an analog clock in a segment for his show in 2018, and they didn't fare any better.

The matter has even caused some educators to throw up their (non-clock) hands.

Some schools in Britain are ditching analog clocks from test rooms because a generation of kids raised on digital clocks can't read them and are getting stressed about time running out during tests, London's Telegraph reported last year.

Back on this side of the pond, American kids also have been bedeviled by traditional clocks.

An Arizona elementary school teacher wrote a blog post in 2014 about whether students should still be taught how to read analog clocks, arguing that they help visual learners but also noting that they are rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

All signs are pointing toward time running out for analog clocks. Make some room for them in the time capsule next to the VCR and Walkman.