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Jimmy Fallon's 'House of Cue Cards' is perfect parody of Netflix hit

"Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon deserves your vote, yet again, as the new king of late night, thanks to his hilarious parody "House of Cue Cards," a take on the Netflix political drama "House of Cards."

Fallon, who channels Kevin Spacey's lead character Frank Underwood, busts down the fourth wall and steps all over the rubble in two original videos that capture the mock suspense and intrigue around hosting "Tonight."

The characters, music, titles, lighting and more capture the essence of the real show. Here's where Fallon and company got it especially right:

  • That South Carolina accent: Whether or not you believe Spacey nails his southern drawl in "House of Cards," Fallon definitely nails Spacey as Underwood in the videos.
  • New York as Washington, D.C.: The high-speed movement of cars and people in establishing shots around Rockefeller Center perfectly mimic the way "House of Cards" opens with views of the nation's capital.
  • Ellen Barkin's first lady: With her head tilt, icy squint, short hair and monochromatic wardrobe, Barkin's take on Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) makes us crack a thin, forced smile.
  • Speak up, please: If you've ever turned an ear toward the TV to try to hear Underwood's assistant Doug Stamper mumble a couple sentences, turn it up for Fallon's sidekick, Miles.
  • Text alerts: The unique, on-screen text pop-ups that are employed on "House of Cards" are re-created with Fallon's phone messages — including his embarrassing spam.
  • Freddy and those ribs: Sticky fingers at the BBQ joint mean Fallon can't get his own phone out of his pocket. Black Thought of The Roots finds more than he'd hoped when he reaches in to help.

In part two, the suspense mounts, and a surprise guest star makes an appearance.

  • Smoke break: Fallon and Barkin light up in Frank and Claire's familiar window meeting spot with an e-cigarette, pipe and even a hookah.
  • 'Fifty Shades of Heyyyyyy': At a writer's meeting, Fallon's accent is particularly strong as he knocks down ridiculous "Tonight" sketch ideas.
  • Better off Red: "Tonight" announcer Steve Higgins makes an awkward appearance in the wrong parody when he shows up as "Orange Is the New Black's" resident Russian.
  • Subway surprise: Fallon's underground meeting with a mysterious texter recreates the much-talked-about first episode of last season's "House of Cards." Once again, a power-hungry Jay Leno comes out on top.

On the official "House of Cards" Twitter account, the Fallon effort was met with applause, as they re-tweeted links to the videos.



Series creator Beau Willimon said he may have to work some of Fallon's bits into season three.



And actress Constance Zimmer, who plays reporter Janine Skorsky on "Cards," also showed the love.



"House of Cards is currently filming the third season.

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