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Kick it! Jimmy Fallon and Will Arnett face off in karate piñata battle

Things got violent on "The Tonight Show" Thursday night, but thankfully, instead of bruises or broken bones, it all ended in a mess of crepe paper and confetti.  

Host Jimmy Fallon and guest Will Arnett faced off for rousing round of Karate Piñata, "the time-honored sport of kicking piñatas while blindfolded," Fallon explained.  

One at a time, the men stepped into the "fiesta ring" of spinning piñatas and flailed with all their might for battle bragging rights. Arnett, who went first, managed to do some damage to one festive orb before turning it over to Fallon.

"It's time for the grasshopper to become the master," Fallon quipped as he stepped in the ring.

"I was the master?!" said a shocked Arnett.

You'll have to watch the full clip to find out which funnyman walked away the winner and which one felt the sting of Karate Piñata defeat.

"The Tonight Show" airs weeknights at 11:35 on NBC. 

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