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Jimmy Fallon unleashes the hounds, lets puppies predict the Super Bowl

Even if someone tips off the winner, you'll still want to see this video bursting with puppy adorableness!
/ Source: TODAY

There just aren't enough opportunities in a given year to marry puppies and football!

Fortunately, we're at the precipice of Super Bowl 51, where the New England Patriots will face off against the Atlanta Falcons this Sunday — perfect timing for some precious pooches to weigh in on the game.

Jimmy Fallon lets the puppies do the predicting.The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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And so we present a segment from last night's "Tonight Show" with puppies predicting the winner of the Super Bowl!

In the video, host Jimmy Fallon introduces the puppies to the audience, who are practically boiling over with desire to escape their clear-paneled enclosure. He explains the rules, "no peeing or wandering" before they are unleashed.

It's all about which team's bowl gets the most puppy attention. After a quick scan Fallon announces the winner: the Atlanta Falcons!

No peeing, no wandering!The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Clearly it will be a tight battle, since the Pats' dish was pretty well attended.

But that wasn't the only pup prediction going on. Yowie the dog dropped by TODAY on Friday to offer up her thoughts on the Super Bowl winner!

Yowie and owner Jeffrey Smee, who have made YouTube videos that accurately predicted every NFL playoff game this season, visited the studio to make her final big pick for football season by choosing a treat from a team-labeled bowl.

Jenna Bush Hager and guest co-host Eric Decker watch as Yowie the dog (with owner Jeffrey Smee) predicts the Super Bowl winner.TODAY

And her prediction was ... also the Falcons! But then also the Patriots! Well, she is a dog and dogs love treats. (Smee noted in a previous test run she also picked the Falcons first.)

Looks like it's a grand slam for Atlanta, though we'll have to wait until Sunday to get the actual results.

Yowie the dog is an equal-opportunity predictor.TODAY

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As we like to say, though, in puppy bowl moments everybody rules!

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