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The 'Tonight Show' puppies have predicted the 2019 Super Bowl winners

They're so wise!
/ Source: TODAY

With Super Bowl Sunday just a day away, it’s time to hear from some highly-accredited sports analysts: puppies!

For the seventh year running, Jimmy Fallon was ready with his annual "Puppy Predictors" on “The Tonight Show” Friday. He asked some very good doggos to place their bets on either the New England Patriots or the Los Angeles Rams. So who did they choose?

Fallon set the ground rules for the nine puppies — "no wandering, peeing, or butt-sniffing" — before they were let loose on stage. Once they were released, the dogs scrambled to cast their eager votes. As with previous years, there were two bowls of kibble to choose from — one representing the Patriots and one representing the Rams — and whichever bowl drew more puppies won.

At first, it seemed like the Rams were a shoo-in, as the puppies quickly fought for the bowl, but as time went on, Fallon called the winner of the Sunday's big game as ...

The New England Patriots — for the third consecutive year!

Jimmy Fallon
Host Jimmy Fallon during "Puppy Predictors: Super Bowl 53" on Feb. 1, 2019.Andrew Lipovsky / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Sorry, Rams fans! On the bright side, it’s still possible the puppers were wrong, as they are half of the time. The golden retriever puppies have a bit of a spotty predicting record: they correctly predicted the Patriots’ win last year, but they didn’t expect the team's win in 2017.

It's okay, we could never stay mad at those cute little faces!

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