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Jimmy Fallon: Stepping into Jay Leno's shoes 'nerve-wracking but exciting'

Right now, Jimmy Fallon's being seen as a proud papa to little Winnie, the baby brought into the world by surrogate — after all, the "Late Night" host shared some very personal details on Tuesday with TODAY's Savannah Guthrie about how she's changed his life. 

But in the second part of their interview, which aired Wednesday, there was a more familiar Fallon on display — the musical jokester and "Tonight Show" host-in-waiting, and he talked about both with Guthrie, at least until pie turned up on the menu.

Told that one of TV's most vaunted, long-running shows would soon have his name on it (instead of being "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" it will be "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon"), the comedian-host still seemed in awe. "That's something you don't — you can't dream about that job," he said.

But the fact is, he says outgoing host Jay Leno (whose final show is reported to be next Feb. 6), has "just been awesome to me." 

Still, he admits, "It's a little nerve-wracking but exciting to step into his shoes ... I hope I make him proud."

Guthrie and Fallon also talked about the way he's been able to entice musical and acting veterans to come on his show for comedy sketches and parodies, including Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt and Bruce Springsteen.

But his favorite guest? She was sitting across from him. "My favorite is you, Savannah," said Fallon. "You smell better than (Matt Lauer and Al Roker)."

Still, no interview with Fallon could be said to be complete without a quick round of "rock, paper, scissors, pie." Want to see who ends up splatted in the face with the sweet concoction? You might be surprised. 

Check out the video to find out!