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Jimmy Fallon shares his 'insane' bucket list

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Star on "Saturday Night Live"? Check! Start a family and visit Graceland? Doable. Sing with David Bowie on Richard Branson's spaceship? OK, that's out there.

And it's only one of the several "golden" items on "Late Night" host Jimmy Fallon's bucket list. In the June 5 issue of Parade, the funny man shares some of his kookier dreams. "We asked Jimmy all of the things he wanted to do and he gave us a list of  insane things," Parade photographer Peter Yang said in a video made during Fallon's cover shoot.

Among the stranger items Fallon reveals to the magazine?

  • "It'd be fun to do Wii bowling with the Queen of England. We can do it through the Internet -- I'd be here, she'd be over there. It would show how much America and England love each other."
  • "I always wanted to be in a James Bond movie. I could be a villain - maybe Golden Ear, I'd have a golden hearing aid. Or a golden retainer, one of those face-brace things. My power would be that I wouldn't grind my teeth at night. My dentist would be happier."
  • "I'd like to do a rap breakdown on the next Rebecca Black song. She should call me."

For more hilarity, check out Fallon as he plays dress up for the Parade cover photo shoot:

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