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Jimmy Fallon sells 'sinister' metal album by 'sunny' folk rockers

The "sinister and aggressive themes" of heavy metal music may be lost on fans of folk rock's "sunnier, more gentle sound." Jimmy Fallon is here to fix that with a new "Late Night" segment promoting an album of metal classics as performed by folk stars The Avett Brothers.

Decked out as mock-turtlenecked Steve Joshua, some sort of TV/music pitchman from another era, Fallon sells us on "The Avett Brothers Sing Heavy Metal," on which "America's favorite folk rock band sing 25 of the darkest, most head-banging songs ever written."

As the host lists some of the songs on the album, fake hell fire burns across the bottom of the screen. The four-piece Avett Brothers then take the stage for a genuine strummin' and pickin' version of Iron Maiden's classic song, "Run to the Hills."

Amid a video backdrop of swirling black clouds and lightning, followed by crows flying around a burning cemetery, the band also performs Black Sabbath's "Iron Man."

"Wow. Doesn't that put a smile on your face," Joshua (Fallon) asks. "Certainly puts one on mine," he says, displaying his creepy version of such an expression.

Be sure to order now, to ensure you'll get songs from bands you've never heard of, including "My Intestine," by Clowns of Torment.